McDonald's Canada Accepts Monopoly Money

Paying “in Monopoly money” may cease to be a pejorative after McDonald’s Canada started selling fast food in exchange for bills from the classic board game.

It’s part of a promotion to get out the word that the McDonald’s Monopoly game is back in Canada. Now, the Monopoly money will only get you a free large fries, regardless of the size of the bill, but it’s still a pretty clever idea.

Not only is it fun and unique, and virtually guaranteed to have high word of mouth and viral qualities, they designed the actual offer pretty intelligently. Most people don’t go into McDonald’s and just get fries. You get some free fries, you’re going to pick up at least a drink or a hamburger along with it.

Now if I could just get my mortgage company to follow suit…

McDonald’s Canada takes Monopoly money [AdFreak] (Thanks to Gray!)

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