T-Mobile Announces $80 Unlimited Voice, Text & Data Plan For Smartphones

T-Mobile has announced a new unlimited plan for cellphone customers. For $80 per month, subscribers can sign up for an Even More two-year contract that offers unlimited voice, text, and data for any smartphone in its stable. But there is one slight catch.

Among the contract’s wording, T-Mobile defines monthly “unlimited data” as “including 2GB of high-speed data (after 2GB, data speeds will be reduced for the remainder of that billing cycle).”

So while the amount of data a new Even More subscriber can access is unlimited, data past the 2GB watermark will be reduced to slower speeds.

Current T-Mobile customers may really want to consider this plan, at least if AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson stays true to his word that AT&T will honor all rate plans for T-Mobile customers if/when the sale goes through.

Other wireless carriers, such as Verizon, have entertained the idea of “throttled” wireless downloads. But would you consider this a smart move for T-Mobile?

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