I Lost Priceline Hotel Reservation Because My Card Was Maxed Out

Josh doesn’t have a lot of money. When he and his girlfriend went to check in to the Crowne Plaza hotel room they reserved on Priceline, he handed over his credit card to confirm the reservation, and his card was declined. They wouldn’t accept his girlfriend’s card to put on file for incidentals, and they were ultimately turned away, losing the reservation…and the money they paid Priceline for the room.

I booked with Priceline using their name your own price feature. I ended up with the Crowne Plaza in [redacted].

Last night was check-in. They asked for my ID, and credit card to verify everything. My card was declined for incidental charges ($30 preauth — I’m now dirt poor). I was like okay, we’ll just use my girlfriends card. We handed them my girlfriends card, her ID, her military ID, and they said because it was not my card, they could not check us in. I wasn’t afraid to quarrel, but I didn’t get feisty or anything rude. At the same time, my girlfriend was in tears because the person behind the desk was so belligerent.

I called Priceline this morning and was escalated to the customer relations outsourcee. I told them my problem, they contacted the hotel. The hotel said they were unable to refund Priceline because it is their policy. I checked with Crowne and there is no fine print or terms saying this.

What can I do to get my money back? I have already emailed, called endlessly, asked for supervisor, etc. No dice.

Thanks for whatever you can do to help Consumerdudes,

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