AT&T To Start Selling LG Thrive, Its First Prepaid Smartphone, Next Week

Starting Sunday, AT&T will get into the prepaid smartphone business when it begins selling the LG Thrive.

The Thrive is an Android-based smartphone with a 3.2″ touch screen and 3.2 megapixel camera. For customers wishing to break free of a contract, it will be sold for $180.

As for voice and data rates, the L.A. Times writes:

Customers can choose between being charged by the minute (10 cents a minute) and an unlimited daily talk and text plan ($2 a day). But if you want to browse the Web (and really, what’s the point of a smartphone if you can’t?), it will cost extra: $5 for 10 MB, $15 for 100 MB or $25 for 500 MB. If you’re a frequent user of Internet on the go, the bill might get hefty.

If you happen to want the Thrive and are fine with locking into a two-year contract for the device, that $180 price tag drops to $50.

AT&T to offer its first prepaid smartphone [L.A. Times]

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