U.S. Airways: You Know Those Free Miles We Gave You? We're Taking Them Back

Isn’t it so nice when your favorite airline e-mails you to let you know that, because they love to see you so happy, you’re getting 1,000 frequent flier miles in your account. You know what’s not so nice? When that same airline writes you a few days later to snatch those miles right back out of your account.

That’s what happened to a number of Consumerist readers this week. On Monday, they received the above e-mail — complete with stock photo of smiling child for extra happy-factor — from U.S. Airways. A thousand miles isn’t that much — award travel on U.S. Airways requires at least 25,000 miles — but it was a nice gesture, right?

And then on Friday they got the below e-mail, letting them know that the airline doesn’t actually want to make them happy and is therefore taking the miles back.

Even if the e-mail was sent in error, do you think U.S. Airways should have taken the miles back?

We’ve contacted the airline and if they ever get back to us, we’ll update the story.


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