Woman Buys Milk With Free Bonus Insects, Complains For Some Reason

American consumers are so ungrateful. An Indiana woman bought a gallon of Great Value house-brand milk at Walmart that included a delicious selection of flour bugs. She’s currently pregnant, so why didn’t she appreciate the extra protein? She declined the store’s offer of replacement milk, and wants a refund.

“They told me they would give me another gallon of milk and I told them I don’t want any more milk from there. I want my money back,” she told TV station WISH.

Store employees told her to contact the product’s manufacturer for a refund, which is interesting because the milk had been processed and packaged for…Walmart itself.

Come on, at least it wasn’t a decomposing mouse!

Woman makes disturbing discovery inside gallon of milk [WISH] (With pictures – thanks, Samantha!)

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