AMC Theaters To Sell Snacks Not Covered In Liquid Fat, Sugar

Maybe you like covering your movie snacks (and therefore your insides) in gooey, fatty liquid butter and topping it with a coating of high fructose corn syrup, but for those who don’t, AMC Movie Theaters are going to be offering a healthier option.

As the FDA looks at ordering movie theater snack bars to include calorie counts on menus. reports on the new, more wholesome choice, called the Smart MovieSnacks pack, a collaborative effort between AMC and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

For $7, moviegoers can get a bag with Chiquita Fruit Chips, Popcorners natural air-popped chips, a bottle of Dasani water and an Odwalla Chocolate Chip Trail Mix Bar. To be sure, this still isn’t as healthy as say, actual fruit without the chips or a handful of nuts and raisins, but hey, it’s an effort! Especially considering that a large popcorn is the equivalent of eating three Big Macs.

Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton touched on this at ShoWest last year, saying: “Taking this step is also great for audiences and for your business, because people want to see healthier foods in theaters, and when they do, they’ll buy them.”

Now let’s see if someone can pry this bag of Gummi bears from my hands, for a start.

AMC begins selling movie snacks that won’t slowly kill you []

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