Kroger To Stop Doubling, Tripling Coupons In Houston

Houston coupon clippers have only a week to bask in double and triple coupon glory at Kroger, which announced it’s doing away with the discount multipliers April 13.

KTRK Houston reports Kroger is dropping the program partly because not enough customers were utilizing it.

A spokesperson explains:

“It’s definitely an emotional decision for us as well as the people that use those coupons. With the growing popularity of digital coupon, with more people using mobile applications, as well as manufactures issuing coupons for over 50 cents, we felt it was time to try new savings programs and discontinue double, triple programs.”

If there’s a Kroger near you, have you heard anything about the supermarket chain stopping its coupon multipliers?

Kroger will soon no longer honor double, triple coupons [KTRK Houston]
(Thanks, Angie)