Showtime Will Yank Shows From Netflix Streaming

If you’re catching up on Showtime shows via Netflix streaming, you’d better step up your pace, because Showtime doesn’t plan on renewing its pact with the streaming company when it expires this summer.

Deadline relays a report from Crain’s New York Business in which Showtime CEO Matt Blank says “With all the options out there, we want to be sure people know they have to subscribe to see Dexter or The Borgias.”

Shows that no longer air new episodes, such as The Tudors, will continue to stream on Netflix, but shows that are still alive will be shut out. This means past seasons of active shows such as Dexter will no longer be streamable via Netflix.

Now that Netflix is a competitor for original programming, it would appear that Showtime no longer feels like playing nice, but Deadline says the announcement is not connected to Netflix’s move.

Showtime To Pull Current Shows Off Netflix [Deadline via Crain’s New York Business (registration required)]

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