Man IDs, And Shames, Alleged Laptop Thief With Dance Video

A man says he has his stolen laptop back after he posted a video of the guy who snatched his laptop took of himself dancing, using the camera on the laptop.

The alleged victim was able to get the video remotely by accessing the storage cloud the laptop automatically backed itself up to. The video now has over a million hits on YouTube.

In addition, he says he was able to piece together enough information from the browsing history to identify the guy through Facebook.

Now he says he shamed the alleged thief into giving back the laptop and he’s begging for the embarrassing video to be taken down, which the laptop owner is not about to do.

This is the latest in a series of stories I’ve heard recently where people have been able to recover their stolen laptops using information about it they’re able to get remotely. Seems like using one of these programs can be like a lo-fi Lojack for your laptop.

This idiot stole somebody’s laptop, and the owner was able to remotely regain access to it and post this video of the perp. [Reddit] (Thanks to sorayaq!)

Man Gets Lead On Laptop Thief Using Dropbox Program

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