Beverage Labeling Initiative Urges Honest Calorie Listing On 20-Ounce Bottles

For years, slick soda manufacturers got away with half-truth in labeling by listing its calories per serving on the labels of 20-ounce-and-smaller bottles rather than the total amount of calories in the drink.

The American Beverage Association announced last month that it’s pushing a voluntary initiative that gets soda-pushers to be more honest about the calorie count, in effect acknowledging that few people sip half a 20-ounce bottle and saves the rest for later.

Dubbed the Clear on Calories initiative, the effort is part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to end childhood obesity. The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Sunny Delight Beverages, Nestlé Waters North America, Cott Beverages and Honest Tea have all signed on.

Were you ever duped by misleading labeling on 20-ounce bottles? Will the new labeling cause you to reconsider chugging so much soda?

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