Do Not Drink An Entire Bottle Of Soy Sauce

It’s not unheard of for fraternity pledges to become hospitalized after some ill-advised, overenthusiastic drinking, but it’s odd when the beverage in question is non-alcoholic.

The Daily Progress reports a pledge who attends the University of Virginia was sent to intensive care after he topped off a meal by gulping down 12 to 18 ounces of soy sauce, which allegedly caused an electrolyte imbalance due to its high sodium content.

A university spokesperson said the school is investigating the incident:

“While it has not yet been determined whether this incident was related to hazing, hazing is illegal in the state of Virginia and considered a serious criminal offense, as well as a violation of university policy. If found guilty, students are subject to criminal penalties and also university judiciary processes that impose separate penalties, up to and including expulsion from the university. The university is cooperating fully with the ongoing police investigation and has launched its own investigation of this incident.”

Remember, kids, soy sauce is for spritzing and dipping, not chugging.

What’s the most disgusting, unsafe liquid you ever gulped?

Police investigate U-Va. fraternity after a pledge is hospitalized [The Daily Progress via Fark, The Washington Post]

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