Best Buy Calls Police On Guy Waiting Outside For 3DS, He Comes Back Anyway

It’s tough enough to wait for several days outside an electronics store for an item you desire, but even more difficult when you’ve got to contend with unsympathetic managers and police. A man who’s such a hardcore Nintendo fan he calls himself “Triforce” thought he’d wait outside a New York Best Buy in the days leading up to the release of the 3DS, but a manager called NYPD to have him removed. Undeterred, Triforce hopped back in front of the store and is posting YouTube videos on his adventures.

Here’s a video in which Triforce describes his plight. (Warning — Some salty language herein):

If all goes well, Triforce will finally be acquainted with his 3DS Sunday, when it hits shelves. What’s the longest you’ve waited outside a store for a gadget?

Nintendo 3DS Line Starter – Day Two – Kicked Off The Line By NYPD [YouTube via Destructoid]

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