Want Prettier Armpits? New Dove Deodorant Can Help

.Ladies of Consumerist, have you ever been concerned about how attractive your armpits are? Yeah, me either. But someone out there apparently does, and Unilever’s Dove brand now has a deodorant/antiperspirant for her. One that includes moisturizers that give you a “piticure,” and give women one more body part that apparently is never pretty enough. One ad for the product declares that “nearly 100% of women” find their underarms unattractive.

They don’t actually come out and say that your armpits are ugly and need help, but marketing is sometimes about creating problems that your product can solve.

Here’s an ad created for the product that won an award: no word whether we might see this on our TVs anytime soon.

Dove gives women something new to worry about[Marketplace]
Unilever Tackles the Ugly Underarm [WSJ] (Thanks, Andrea!)

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