Delaware Woman Climbs Into Her Basketball Hoop To Protest State Ripping It Out

A woman climbed up and sat on top of the basketball hoop in front of her house in a faceoff with a bulldozer sent by the the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) to rip it out. The truck already had seven other hoops in the back but this one wasn’t going down without a fight, a confrontation caught on video by Delaware Online.

DelDOT said the hoops violated Delaware’s “Clear Zone” law, which prohibits trees, shrubs, hoops and other objects from being within seven feet of the edge of the pavement in subdivisions.

This hoop, which her husband said had been up for 60 years, fell under state scrutiny, along with seven other hoops, after an anonymous letter from someone in the neighborhood complained.

Delaware had sent the families letters notifying them about the pending removal. The neighbors, along with their state representative, wrote letters back to protest and they thought the action was still pending when the trucks rolled up.

A State Trooper told the homeowners that the hoops were in an area through which the state had right of way, and as such, they could remove them.

“I hope you all sleep well at night,” shouts the homeowner in the video as the pole is ripped out of the ground.

“We will,” someone says.

“I’m sure you will!” the homeowner shouts back. “March Sadness! You hate kids! There goes 60 years of history. No wonder this country is going to hell in handbasket.”

You can also see in the video the trooper tells the angry man that he can have the hoop after it’s taken out of the ground. But instead of the hoop being left there, it’s loaded into the truck with the others and the homeowners are told they can file a request to get it back.DelDOT, police remove basketball hoops but woman’s protest sends them away – But in the end, the highway crews return and cart off pole [Delaware Online] (Thanks to Mike!)

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