Cobra Gets Loose At Bronx Zoo

Sick of the whole captivity for the entertainment of humans thing, a cobra at the Bronx Zoo apparently slipped out of its enclosure and went missing Friday, causing management to shut down the facility over the weekend.

AOL reports the 20-inch-long, venomous Egyptian cobra isn’t yet accounted for. Experts believe the snake has sought out a confined space that makes it feel safe, and it’s now a waiting game for the snake to get hungry or thirsty enough to emerge from its hiding place so they can catch it. Comforting, right?

Since the enclosure was walled off from public access, there’s a good chance the snake is hiding out away from a public area.

What’s the closest you’ve come to a dangerous animal encounter at a zoo?

Dangerous Cobra Disappears at Bronx Zoo [AOL]

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