Sprint CEO "Concerned" By AT&T/T-Mobile Deal

After learning that his company could potentially go from a distant third place to a very distant last place overnight by the pending sale of T-Mobile to AT&T, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is letting the world knows he isn’t exactly thrilled.

“I do have concerns that it would stifle innovation and too much power would be in the hands of two,” Hesse said during a panel conversation at the CTIA conference in Orlando earlier today.

Meanwhile, Verizon Wireless chief Dan Mead was more muted on the topic, saying only that, “We’re certainly very interested in what’s going on.”

As for supposition that Verizon would or should buy Sprint in order to regain its leadership position in the wireless market, MarketWatch.com reports that Verizon’s official line is that they are not pursuing that option. Of course, they wouldn’t exactly announce that publicly would they?

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