Worst Company In America Round One: CVS Vs. Johnson & Johnson

Here’s an interesting battle between a drugstore chain and the drug company whose products line the chain’s shelves — or at least they used to before they were all recalled.

CVS may only be the second-largest drugstore chain in the country, but it’s certainly the largest in terms of the number of complaints we received in the last year. And while most were about individual employees at various stores, one could argue that they are symptomatic of a company-wide issue. And then there’s the fact that the company’s business practices have recently come under scrutiny by the FTC and the attorneys general of half the states in the country.

Meanwhile, there’s Johnson & Johnson, whose McNeil Laboratories division had to recall over 40 varieties of its most popular brands including Tylenol, Benadryl, Motrin, Sudafed and Rolaids. If there’s one positive to be taken out of this mess, it’s that customers have learned that generics are just as good as the name-brand stuff.

This poll is now closed. Congratulations to Johnson & Johnson!

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