Man Who Says Chase Gave Him Counterfeit Bill Camps Out In Front Of Branch

Claiming Chase handed him a counterfeit $100 bill, a Utah man is camping outside of the allegedly offending branch in an effort to get the bank to acknowledge his issue. He’s sporting a huge cardboard sign that says “Chase Bank Passed me A Counterfeit $100 Bill!” with the words “Come and See!!” posted on the side.

St. George News reports the man entered the bank with $3 on him and withdrew $2,000 from his account in $100 bills. When he went to a credit union to pay a bill with some of the funds, an employee spotted the funny money and confiscated the counterfeit bill.

When the man went back to Chase, he didn’t find much sympathy. Said the man:

“She said she was sorry. She was very sympathetic but said it’s Chase’s policy that once you leave the building, it’s on you and you should check your money.”

Ensuing trips to Chase yielded similar dismissals, the man said, hence the campout. He says “I’m going to stay here until I get $100.”

Ivins Man Camps Out in Front of Chase Bank After Receiving Counterfeit Bill [St. George News] (Thanks, crbullseye!)

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