Guy Who Tweeted Chrysler F-Bomb Blames Tweetdeck

The social media marketer whose f-bomb tweet on Chrysler’s official Twitter account cost him his job and his firm the car maker’s account blames his screwup on Tweetdeck, reports WXYZ.

The program lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts. He said his tweet was intended for his personal account and that he had deleted the Chrysler account from his Tweetdeck a long time ago, but somehow it still went out on the Chrysler twitter feed.

His attorney told WXYZ that his client has a case. “”A simple web search shows a number of other users have encountered the same issues,” he said.

Tweetdeck told WXYZ that they’re not aware of such a problem but would be willing to look into it.

As a social media marketer, he should know that the best thing to do when you’re caught in an embarrassing situation is to apologize, accept responsibility and move on.

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