Welcome To The 6th Annual Worst Company In America Tournament!

Ladies and gentlemen of business, it’s our proud honor to welcome you, your staff, your customers and your CEO to the opening of the 6th annual Worst Company In America tournament! It’s a knockdown drag out battle to the death. 32 companies go in, but only one can come out. It’s like Highlander, Battle Royale, the Hunger Games, and Survivor all rolled into one delicious, much-less-profitable package. So without further ado, let us turn it over to a silly video of Ben Popken playing basketball.

We decided to get organized this year, so we sent out an official letter informing the 32 CEOs that their company had been selected for the tournament. You can see Ben mailing it out in the video below. Also featured: a spinning golden poo trophy. (Much thanks to the video crew from Consumer Reports, who gleefully dropped everything to properly light a hunk of shimmering fake poo. Let it never be said that Consumer Reports lacks a sense of humor.) Once again, you can view the 2011 bracket here. And, if you’d like to see the letter we sent out, you can view it here (PDF).

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