Home Depot Rips Off Staples Easy Button

At least one Home Depot has been so inspired by Staples “Easy Button” that they came up with their own knockoff. Reader Ed sent in this photo of one of these buttons he spotted in his local Home Depot on the desk in the flooring department. When I first saw the picture, I thought that when you pushed it a giant mechanical hand would grab one of the experienced retired contractors who Home Depot fired and replaced with cheaper labor and drop him in front of you. Sadly, the reality is, as usual, much more mundane than my fevered imaginings.

Ed says that nearby there was some sign about pushing it if you don’t see anyone around to ask for help. “Of course I pressed it, who wouldn’t? …But the flooring lady was right there. I made a joke about Staples and she just nodded and said they have to have them.”

Ed says he showed it to a cousin of his who used to work at Staples and she “found it extremely entertaining.” I wonder if Staples corporate shares in the mirth.

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