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Mike Mozart

Staples Isn’t Coping So Well After Broken Engagement To Office Depot

It’s not easy to find your way after your plans for the future have been turned around. Staples planned to merge with Office Depot, but the Federal Trade Commission stood in their way and kept the merger from happening. Now Staples is having a hard time finding its way by itself, losing $766 million last quarter. [More]

Staples, Where ‘Item In Stock’ Means ‘Meh, I Don’t Feel Like It’

Staples, Where ‘Item In Stock’ Means ‘Meh, I Don’t Feel Like It’

Perhaps irrationally, Robert thought that because the Staples website said that the tablet he desired was “in stock” at the nearest Staples store, that meant that it would be available for purchase. You can’t be too sure, so he called up the store. Yes: they had three tablets! Score! He drove to the store to bring home his precious, precious Nexus 7. The very same employee he had spoken to on the phone dispatched someone to get the tablet, and he was told that there were none in stock. [More]