Consumer Electronic Association Wants To Standardize 3D TV Glasses

I don’t know about you, but when I ditch the 3D I have now and get a new one, I want to be able to still use 3D glasses on the new version, even if it’s a different brand, when I watch Justin Bieber’s life story.

Good thing for me and my hypothetical 3D TV situation then, as Time reports that the Consumer Electronic Association wants to standardize 3D frames among all the various brands of TVs.

One reason the CEA is pushing for the uniformity in glasses is that many 3D TVs are shifting from the kind that use active shutter technology to newer sets which use the same technology theaters use, a passive 3D technology.

Another kind, autostereoscopic, would do away with the need for glasses at all. Yes, we are getting closer to living just like the Jetsons.

CEA Pushes To Standardize 3D Glasses [Time]

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