Charlie Sheen-Inspired Tiger Blood Energy Drink Comes In An IV Bag

We’ve definitely reached Charlie Sheen saturation, in fact, it hurts just typing his name, but for those of you who just can’t get enough of that wacky guy, you can now buy an inevitable by-product of his popular public breakdown: Tiger Blood, an energy potion that comes in an IV bag.

You don’t even need to shell out big bucks for the drink, developed by Harcos Labs, reports the New York Daily News, as it’s only $4 a bag. The company is upfront about the fact that Charlie himself has nothing to do with their product and doesn’t endorse it.

No tigers were harmed in the process of making the 3.4 ounces of energy.

“It’s made from 100% passion specifically to make your brain fire in a way that’s not from this particular terrestrial realm,” the Harcos Labs’ website says.

If you really need a piece of the ridiculous epidemic known as Charlie Sheen and every odd word he’s ever uttered, Tiger Blood is available online and at Urban Outfitter. Yay?

Tiger Blood now available to people other than Charlie Sheen – for only $3.99 a pop [New York Daily News]

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