FAA Orders O2 Masks Removed From Airplane Bathrooms

Airlines are removing the emergency oxygen generators from airplane bathrooms by order of FAA directive, reports KPRC. The concern is that someone could go in there, rip the supply out, and rig it into an explosive device.

The oxygen is there in the event of rapid decompression, like if a hole opens in the fuselage, but the FAA thinks travelers will be ok because these events are rare and pilots are trained to get the plane down to a breathable altitude asap. Also, flight attendants would be carrying around portable oxygen generators and would go around assisting passengers, including those in the lavatory.

Sounds good, but I still wouldn’t want to have to get oxygenated by a stranger while my pants were around my ankles. I also wouldn’t want to die from a plane blowing up either, so I guess you got to pick your battles.

The new protocol was disclosed in FAA Air Worthiness Directive 2011-04-09 (PDF).

Safety Equipment Removed From Airplanes [KPRC]

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