Best Buy Changes Geek Squad Tech Support From Covering All Your Computers To Three

Earlier this week, we told you about Best Buy’s latest scheme: Geek Squad Tech Support, a program that, for a cost of around $200/year, would allow computer purchasers access to unlimited Geek Squad service not just on the item they bought, but on all computers they own. It looks like the electronics retailer has finally realized how much they were opening themselves up to possible abuse, because they’ve now trimmed “all computers” to “three.”

Even before Consumerist had pointed the huge holes in the GSTS plan — customers could use their Tech Support account to get computers serviced for friends, family and paying strangers — it was the Geek Squad staffers who had voiced their concern to Best Buy corporate, who responded, “it could be abused but most clients will not do this.”

They have since changed their tune.

A Geek Squad insider points us to this message posted for Squad staffers:

Thank you for your feedback and insight: we have heard you loud and clear! Because of your timely feedback, we are able to make a change prior to the 3.20 launch with the new FY12 Geek Squad Portfolio. In the training, video and eLearning, you learned that when a client purchases Geek Squad Tech Support, it would cover the client for unlimited devices, and not necessarily the product it was purchased on. You communicated that you feel very strongly that we will be victims of abuse by releasing this offer that way. Therefore, we are going to make a change. At launch, when a client purchases Geek Squad Tech Support (stand-alone or with a Laptop, Desktop, Netbook, Tablet, or Mac), it will cover up to three devices owned by the purchaser.

Additionally, Best Buy had originally stated that GSTS would not be sold to commercial or small business customers. But as we pointed out, there was nothing that would stop a small business owner from buying a computer on their personal credit card and then using the program to service their entire fleet of computers.

In response, Best Buy has opened the door, slightly, to small business customers:

If a client has a small business and they want Geek Squad Tech Support, they will need to purchase a separate Geek Squad Tech Support for each employee. Each employee will be eligible for support on up to three devices (laptop, Desktop, Netbook/Tablet or Mac). Geek Squad Tech Support is not available through BBFB directly.

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