Android Surpasses BlackBerry As Most Popular Smartphone OS

BlackBerry’s reign as the king of peoples’ pockets has ended, usurped by Android.

An eTechReviews story says 31.2 percent of smartphone users used Android phones in January, while 30.4 percent still used BlackBerry. Apple’s iOS and Windows Mobile brought up the rear. BlackBerry’s downfall is a long time coming, but just a year ago it held 42 percent of the market.

The site traces the rise of Android to November 2009, when the Droid was released. At the time, Android held 7 percent of the market, but started to gain 2 percent a month.

If you use a smartphone, which OS do you go with, and why is it superior to the others?

Android beats Blackberry to become the most used OS in America [eTechReviews via Mixx]

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