Continental Flight Delayed 3 Hours By Broken Toilet In First Class

A malfunction in the toilet in first-class caused a Continental flight to leave three hours behind schedule this morning. It was initially reported by that the toilet was backed up and no plunger could be found, but an airline spokeswoman later refuted that. Plungers aren’t used to repair toilets, she said. “It’s not a toilet like you have at your home. It’s a mechanical process to repair the lavatory.” The earlier report had said that no plunger could be found at the airport and someone had to be sent off grounds.

In any event, airline officials finally decided to just close the first-class bathroom and let the flight take off. This meant that first-class passengers had to share toilets with the second-class citizens, those in coach. Oh the ignominy!

Flight delayed 3 hours by broken toilet [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] (Thanks to Jim!)