This Isn't A Water Bottle, It's More Of A Bottle-Shaped Plastic Bag

Sure, we should all use less plastic. But Mike writes that he bought a case of Aquafina that he thinks takes reducing plastic too far. The bottles collapse on themselves, leak, and generally don’t do the job for which they’re intended.

He sent in this picture, and wrote:

Bought a case of Aquafina at Target. All the bottles looked like the one on the left of the picture. (I put a “normal” brand of water next to it to show how horrible it was)

Most of the bottles wouldn’t even stand up in the refrigerator and all of them leaked when you opened them. It was literally the worst packaging job I’ve ever seen on a product. I know I’ll never be buying Aquafina again. Already emailed the company and got no response. Lame.

Yes, holding water is an important feature of disposable water bottles.

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