Gardening Franchise Calls Itself "The Walmart Of Weed," Starts Expansion

An Oakland, Calif.-based outfit that’s dubbed itself “The Walmart of Weed” opened its first franchise outlet in Sacramento over the weekend. Hoping to capitalize on demand from medical marijuana users who intend to grow their own medicine, the store offers equipment that helps growers set up hydroponic gardens.

Other gardening stores offer the same equipment, The Sacramento Bee reports, but this one embraces the marijuana connection, going so far as to stock displays featuring marijuana plants that thrive on the equipment. To avoid rubbing law enforcement officials the wrong way, employees will pull the plants before they flower with buds. Before helping customers put together their gardens, staffers ask customers for doctor’s orders authorizing medical marijuana.

The franchise reportedly has tentative plans to expand to Oregon, Arizona, Colorado and New Jersey.

‘Wal-Mart of Weed’ gardening store opens to high-fives [The Sacramento Bee via The Week]

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