Vermont Teddy Bear Gets Guy Dumped On Valentine's

Vermont Teddy Bear are supposed to be harbingers of love and snuggling. But for reader Erik, who emailed us his story in response to our request for tales of romance, love and heartbreak centered around a specific product, sending one of those stuffed bears only served to herald his doom. Here’s his story of how a Vermont Teddy Bear got him dumped on Valentine’s.

Erik writes:

Things I learned not to do: Do not send your new girlfriend a Vermont Teddy Bear at her work.

I had been dating a gal for about a month, and she had not requested anything for Valentines Day, so I thought a surprise teddy bear would be a good idea. I had classmates who loved them in college, so I decided to order one for her, and have it delivered to her company as a surprise – and hopefully brighten her day.

What I didn’t know, was that she had not told her coworkers or family she had a boyfriend (me). In sending her a surprise, I had put her into an awkward situation.

Not soon after, I was dumped through Facebook on the grounds of “not greeting her upon her return from the bathroom” and “her sister didn’t like my car.”

On the plus side: 8 months later, I met the woman I would later marry. I’m now very happily married to a much better woman. And she loves my Jeep.

Ads and movies try to brainwash us into thinking everyone loves receiving a surprise gift in public. But sometimes a guy jumping up on the library table and belting out his love ballad he composed isn’t going to be met by public applause, but by cringing embarrassment as security escorts him out. It’s important to give a gift tailored to the recipient’s individual tastes.

Though, it seems like getting dumped had more to do with her immaturity than you putting the wrong stuffed paw forward. Also, why hadn’t she told anyone and why was it awkward? Was she already dating someone else, possibly at work? Glad to hear you are in a better relationship now where your choice in vehicles is more appreciated.

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