Kitten Freezes To Death After Delta Flight, Owner Offered Free Trip And $50

Snickers, an 11-week old kitten, is dead after taking a trip on Delta that went horribly awry. The owner said the airline initially offered over $3,000 in compensation. They have now revised that offer to free airfare plus $.50 for every pound the kitten weighed. There’s a $50 minimum payout on that policy, which is a good thing because the feline only weighed 3 pounds.

The kitten was secured in what was supposed to be climate-controlled cargo, which her owner paid $289.94 for. That price included a $70 fee to ensure her crate was removed from the airplane quickly. Instead, a “door latch malfunctioned.” Snickers was then subjected to 10-degree weather. It took the crew almost an hour to remove her from the airplane. After that the kitten was icy cold and couldn’t move her head or paws. She died not longer after.

NBC Connecticut reports that Delta has said that the offer is standard “cargo” reimbursement and that they are still negotiating with the owner.

I don’t know if people just keep sending us stories about pets dying or escaping after flying on Delta just because we’ve done a few of them, but it’s starting to sound like kind of a problem.

Owner of Dead Kitten Offered Air Fare and $50 [NBC Connecticut] (Thanks to Comedian!)
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