Delta Paid $2,800 For Lost Dog Valued At $20,000

Paco wasn’t the only dog lost in transit before it was loaded onto a Delta aircraft. Four years ago, Vivi, a whippet who won the Award of Merit in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show, escaped from her kennel as it was being loaded onto a Delta flight and was reportedly seen running across the tarmac before escaping into the marshy marsh. A media frenzy ensued….

…and a 100-volunteer hunt, complete with helicopter patrol. Flyers were distributed in seven different language and at one point 34 pet psychics were on the case. Vivi was never found and Delta paid the owners $2,800, though the dog’s value was estimated to be $20,000. But according to the psychics, you should shed no tears. They say Vivi is fine and happy, living in Brooklyn.

“She doesn’t want to be a show dog anymore,” Becker [the pet psychic] said. “She just wants to be a companion now.”

And back to the present-day, ABC has picked up Josiah and Paco’s story, the Atlanta Journal Constitutional is running it on their front page, and other outlets may be getting on the story as well. And 463 people have signed a petition to “Tell Delta Airlines to PLEASE FIND Paco!”

Looks like this one has some legs. Woof!

Have You Seen This Dog? Only With Telepathy [NYT] (Thanks to Blake!)
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