Dr. Pepper Testing 10-Calorie "Dr. Pepper Ten" In Six Cities

Even though there is already a zero-calorie diet version of Dr. Pepper, the soda company is thinking about releasing a 10-calorie version and is testing it out at stores in a handful of markets around the country.

According to reports, Dr. Pepper Ten is being tested in Kansas City, Denver, Colorado Springs, Des Moines, Austin and San Antonio. It’s being rolled out at select Walmart and Super Target locations in those areas.

The low-cal bev is aimed at the same calorie-conscious male market as Coke Zero and Pepsi Max, which are intended to taste more like the sugary originals, except without the sugar.

A rep for the good doc tells the Kansas City Star that the new recipe was developed with a “one-of-a-kind, proprietary sweetener technology to deliver the taste experience of regular with just 10 bold calories.”

We’re not quite sure if 10 “bold” calories are any better or worse for you than 10 regular calories.

Either way, if any of you live in one of these cities and get the chance to try Dr. Pepper Ten, we’d definitely like to hear from you.

Dr Pepper to test low-calorie drink in KC [Kansas City Star]

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