Domino's Burglar Leaves Trail Of Chips & Sauce Straight To His Door

The police in Ojai, CA, didn’t need David Caruso’s CSI skills, sunglasses, or witticisms to find the man who broke into the local Domino’s Pizza.

When officers arrived to check on a report of a burglary at the pizza place, they found a bag of potato chips next to the broken window and a trail of pizza sauce coming from the kitchen.

Not only was the man caught on video attempting in vain to open the locked cash register, police were able to follow the trail of chips, sauce and other Domino’s-related food items straight to the suspect’s home a few blocks away.

A search of the suspect’s freezer turned up the heisted dough, cheese and sausage. The 19-year-old was arrested in his bed.

Potato Chip Trail Leads Police to Pizza Parlor Burglar [KTLA]

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