Drunk Pizza Hut Employee Breaks In After Hours To Fry Wings

It’s nothing new for a felonious fast food employee to sneak back into his place of work after hours to pilfer goods and cash. But for one staffer at a Minnesota Pizza Hut, the thing that lured him into late-night larceny was access to the restaurant’s deep fryer.

The 21-year-old crept back into the Pizza Hut in St. Cloud, MN, shortly before 1:30 in the morning but was too inebriated to take all the necessary steps to hide his hi-jinks.

“He had access to the building, but he just didn’t reset the alarm,” said a local police lieutenant.

From the Star-Tribune:

Officers arrived and found the restaurant’s back door open. They came upon the man inside and saw that he had tried to deep-fry some boneless chicken wings, police said. The marinara sauce must not have been to his liking. Police say he threw some on the wall.

It’s probably not a shock that the man’s blood-alcohol content reading came back at .22.

He was jailed on suspicion of third-degree burglary, but because he’s an employee of the Hut, it could end up being knocked down to a lesser offense.

Meanwhile, Domino’s and Papa John’s employees are saving lives and rescuing customers trapped under tree limbs. C’mon Pizza Hut… get with this trend.

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