Video Of Bully Debt Collector Crumbling

Here are two videos, the first of debt collector threatening this man’s wife and kids over a debt he had already repaid, and the second of when he calls them back and takes them to task. The debt collector says he’s an “officer” with the “ULPD,” which is the “United Legal Processing Division” but the name sounds like it was chosen to make it sounds like law enforcement. Note how quickly they fold once he starts asking questions like “Who are you,” “who do you work for,” and “what proof do you have.” Then think about how if that’s all it takes to get them to back off and move on to the next soft target, how these bullying tactics must be working for them.

It’s important to know your rights under FDCPA, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and stand up for them, but that won’t really help in this case because these guys are just scammers robodialing off a list of old and paid debts. Best thing to do is tell them off, hang up, report them, and move on.

Debt Collector Harassment: Coming To A Library Near You (VIDEO) [Huffington Post]

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