We Hope This Is Real: Plates On Benches Leave Ads On Ladies' Legs

Here’s a guerrilla marketing technique that goes far beyond KFC’s advertising of the Double Down on the butts of college co-eds. A clothing store in New Zealand is using plates installed on benches to imprint their ad onto the back of bare legs.

The ad agency behind the campaign explains:

We put indented plates on bus stop, mall, and park benches, so that when people sat down, the message was imprinted on their thighs. This meant that as well as having branded seats, a veritable army of free media was created, with thousands of imprints being created and lasting up to an hour.

We’ve written to Superette, the store that’s reportedly behind the campaign to verify that it’s real.

Ad Creep Update: women’s thighs. [Copyranter]

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