Philly Homeowner Who "Foreclosed" On Wells Fargo Settles Dispute

As Consumerist was the first to report last Friday, the Philadelphia homeowner who made national news by not only winning a judgment against Wells Fargo, but also scheduling a sheriff’s sale of the bank’s property, was meeting face-to-face with the bank he’d embarrassed so thoroughly. Now he’s confirmed that the two parties had reached an agreement.


After a brief meeting with the Wells Fargo team on Friday, homeowner Patrick had told Consumerist he was “cautiously optimistic…. I got the sense that she was able to understand how much grief the company has put me through.”

And then on Monday, he confirmed to the Philadelphia Inquirer, that Wells Fargo had promised to undo any damage to his credit reports and to pay down his mortgage by a sum he said “will adequately compensate me for all the time and energy I put into the legal actions.”

“I’m certainly pleased that it’s over — it was an enormous drain,” said the homeowner. “I wish it had been resolved at an earlier juncture without the need for litigation.”

Consumer 10.0: Borrower-bank dispute is settled; borrower wins [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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