FTD Delivers Forgotten Valentine's Day Flowers Only After Intensive Pestering

Dennis didn’t get to take part in this year’s Valentine’s Day Garden of Discontent, but not because he was happy with the flowers that he ordered for his wife. The company didn’t deliver the flowers he ordered, and only dropped off any flowers at all after he called them for five days in a row.

Here’s the letter he sent to FTD about the situation.

Dear FTD,

I was very excited to purchase your product, but my experience has turned out very poorly. I’m writing to express my dissatisfaction with your service in hopes you can help remedy the situation.

I ordered flowers for my wife to be delivered on Feb 14th, but unfortunately she didn’t get any flowers. I called on 14, 15, 16, 17 asking where is my flowers and customer representative was telling me that I will receive flowers tomorrow. On February 18th I called 3 times and delivery finally happened. However the flowers were way below my expectation, and especially after customer representative told me that they will double amount for inconvenience.

I strongly believe this is unacceptable service, and unfortunately I wont be able recommend your company to anyone.

Thank you for listening.

– Dennis

If FTD doesn’t respond, Dennis could try filing a chargeback–after all, the service that he paid for was to have a certain quality of flowers delivered on Februrary 14th, and neither thing happened.

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