Dish Network Ignores Own Policy, Imposes Weird Restrictions On Cricket World Cup

Satellite and cable TV DVRss and cable boxes that let you share content throughout your house are pretty impressive technology, aren’t they? Bobby was under the impression that his Dish Network system let him share programming throughout his house. It was only after he spent $129 for a pay-per-view sports event (the ICC Cricket World Cup) that he discovered he couldn’t watch the matches on his secondary receiver without shelling out more money.

Recently I purchased Sports PPV event (ICC World Cup) for $129 from Dishnetwork. I have more than 1 receiver on my account. After ordering the event, I came to realize that I can only watch on primary receiver on my account. Since timing of these events (matches) take place at 11pm or sometimes 3:30am EST. I want to have an option to watch these cricket matches from my own bedroom or my desired location without disturbing anyone.

Dishnetwork told me that I will pay another $129 to see on my secondary receiver. I cannot switch receivers between upstairs and downstairs due to various reasons. I am paying extra to have additional receiver on my account. I’ve talked to customer support couples of times on this issue and I’ve got run around for it. I didn’t get any solution for it. Even according to their policy:

“After you buy a Pay-Per-View program, you can watch it on all of the receivers on your DISH Network account. Using the remote control, you can order the exact same program for each receiver but you pay for the program only once.”

Dirctv and other cable companies do not have same restrictions as Dishnetwork on this ICC sports event.

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