Bank Of America Demands Mortgage Payments From Yet Another Non-BofA Customer

Bank Of America is really making a last-minute run to secure a high seed in the upcoming Worst Company In America tournament. As if there weren’t enough evidence in its favor, here’s the story of yet another customer who found herself trapped in the BofA maze, even though she has never had a mortgage — let alone a single account — with the bank.

It began innocently enough, with a prerecorded voicemail from BofA demanding mortgage payments. The woman attempted to call them back but was unable to get a human on the line or get through the automated system that kept requesting her account number and social security number.

And so the daily collection calls continued until she was finally home for one call and was able to speak to someone. She told this person that she didn’t have a BofA mortgage and to please stop calling her. If you didn’t read Consumerist, you’d probably think that would work. It didn’t.

The calls continued and she attempted to contact BofA by e-mail. Yeah, no dice.

From the O.C. Register:

She called a local B of A office and made her case to a customer service representative. After a long conversation, the rep connected Charette to that same annoying 888 number that had been calling every day, but allowing her to bypass the please provide your account number or Social Security number recording….

But still no can do. [She] was on hold for more than 20 minutes, she said, and no one ever picked up the line again.

It wasn’t until the O.C. Register’s Watchdog columnists reached out to BofA that anything happened. Finally, the bank acknowledged the error — at least in an error to the paper — and “We are in the process of removing the number from our files.”

Would be interesting to find out whether or not BofA makes good on that statement. Meanwhile, since he’s in the same area as this poor woman, she might want to ride shotgun in this guy’s minivan.

Bank hounds wrong woman for overdue mortgage payments []