Bank Of America's 5 Greatest Foreclosure F*#!-Ups

Earlier today, when Bank of America said it was halting foreclosure sales in all 50 states, we decided to take a stroll down memory lane to revisit the wide array of foreclosure disasters that BofA has perpetrated on the homeowning public in just the year or so.

1. Aug. 2010: BofA Tries To Foreclose On Couple With Current Mortgage

Even though they have made every payment in full and on time, Bank of America sent one couple a letter asking them for the deed to their house….

Bank of America said sending the letter was an accident, the folks were completely current on their mortgage, and they would be looking into what caused the error.

2. Sept. 2010: BofA Forecloses On Man’s House, Even Though He Has No Mortgage

Bank of America stole Jason’s house from him, putting it through foreclosure even though he has no mortgage, with them or anyone, and he paid for it in cash.

3. Oct. 2009: Bank Of America Seizes Wrong House, Causes Big Stink. No, Really.

Bank of America screwed up and seized a vacation home that didn’t belong to them. They also changed the locks and shut off the power, leaving 75 pounds of salmon and halibut rotting for a week before it was discovered.

4. March 2010: Bank Of America Seizes Wrong House, Holds Parrot Hostage

After mistakenly believing that the property was in default, BoA instructed Snyder Property Services to “enter, seize, padlock, ‘winterize’ and take possession” of the plaintiff’s home. This included turning off the water, cutting power lines, filling her drains with antifreeze… and confiscating her parrot.

5. Jan. 2010: Not Having A Mortgage Doesn’t Stop Bank Of America From Foreclosing

Charlie and Maria Cardoso managed to do something few homeowners can: They own their vacation home in Florida outright, with no mortgage. But that didn’t stop Bank of America from kicking out a tenant who was renting the house, tossing out the Cardosos’ possessions, and, yes, foreclosing on the debt-free home.

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