Man Uses Minivan To Show How Much He Hates Bank Of America

While everyone else needs to e-mail us their nominations for this year’s Worst Company In America tournament, we’re pretty sure this California man’s minivan counts as one vote for Bank of America.

The 63-year-old is so frustrated by his dealings with Bank of America that he painted the message “Worst Bank IN America” on three sides of his Mercury Villager.

See more pics of the minivan here.

As with many BofA horror stories, this one begins with a pre-collapse Countrywide. A few years ago, the man decided to refinance his home, using the money to help a sick friend. He was promised that his interest rate would drop if the general level of rates were to go down.

But, 200+ phone calls later, he’s had more than a little trouble convincing anyone at BofA about that.

“I spoke to dozens of people, none really knowing what was going on, but all willing to send me to another department” he tells the OC Register. “I was told that I was qualified, then that I wasn’t qualified, numerous times.”

Like too many other BofA customers, he went through the endless loop of bad advice and incorrect information; his house was even scheduled for a foreclosure sale after someone at the bank told him he could only qualify for a loan modification if he stopped making payments.

“I wouldn’t be angry with Bank of America if they told me initially, ‘We’re not going to give you anything,'” he says. “But they just kept putting a carrot in front of me, saying, ‘It’s coming, it’s coming.’ And it never happened. It’s a year and a half of wasted time. I want them to know I’m outraged.”

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He takes his beef with bank to the streets [OC Register]

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