Plumber Pulls $10K Wedding Ring From Bathroom Pipes

Every time a certain Pennsylvania woman gazes at her $10,000 wedding ring, she’ll think of her plumber, who managed to scavenge it out of oblivion after she accidentally flushed down the toilet.

ABC 7 Los Angeles reports the woman called the plumber after she disposed of the ring while half asleep.

The hero provides play-by-play:

“Stuck the Shop-Vac down. It’s about four-feet deep. Sucked it all out. After all the water was drained out, unplugged the Shop-Vac, took off the lid, dumped the water out and there was the ring.”

If you’ve ever lost something valuable down the drain, how were you able to retrieve it?

Plumber finds $10K ring flushed down toilet [ABC 7 Los Angeles]
(Thanks, Jon!)

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