This Polo Shirt Is Not Up To Buy More's Exacting Standards

Even if a shirt is purchased as part of a joke, it should hold up to multiple wearings and washings, right? Michael ordered a polo shirt with the Buy More store logo from the NBC series “Chuck.” The shirt is clearly defective, with a seam under the front buttons already unraveling, but NBC is holding firm: they won’t exchange the shirt for a non-defective one. What would Big Mike say?

Back in November I purchased a shirt from the NBC store. It was a green polo BUY MORE shirt that is worn by the characters in the TV show Chuck. I didn’t wear it until about a month after it arrived. It was meant to be a gag that I would wear with my nerd friends and any time that I went to Best Buy. It has been washed 3 or 4 times and already has the seam unraveling around the placket.

After calling NBC Store customer service center I was told the shirt couldn’t be returned since the purchase it was over 30 days old. I don’t even wear it for the first 30 days. What happened to customer service?

I think this is where I’m supposed to make a mean-spirited joke about Jay Leno getting his time slot back well after the 30-day return window was up.

Is there still a label on the shirt from its original manufacturer? Perhaps that company might care about the durability of the shirt, and be more helpful than NBC in this case.

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