170 Get Sick After Spending Time At Playboy Mansion

A bacterial outbreak at a Playboy Mansion fundraiser Feb. 3 has left dozens reeling, believed to have been infected with legionellosis. The malady has caused flu-like systems in 170 people who attended the event.

The Los Angeles Times reports Los Angeles County Department of Public Health officials are investigating the incident and aren’t yet sure of the cause or range of the outbreak. From a statement:

“The department is investigating several locations associated with this conference, including the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills. At this time, Public Health has not determined that the source of exposure is limited to a specific location. The department is working to conclusively identify the source of exposure and the likely cause of illness for this suspected outbreak.”

The Times reports some suspect a fog machine spread the illness because the disease is water-borne, but officials haven’t verified the claims.

Number of Playboy Mansion outbreak victims grows to 170 [Los Angeles Times via BoingBoing]