No One Knows Where My Verizon iPhone Could Possibly Be

Where is Sandy’s Verizon iPhone? It was supposed to be on her doorstep yesterday, but…it’s not. The box that it was supposed to be in contains only iPhone accessories. Verizon must conduct a three-day investigation into whether they shipped her an iPhone or not, leaving her without the precious phone that she pre-ordered after ten years with Verizon.

I pre-ordered the iPhone 4 at 3 am on Feb 3rd, as I am an existing Verizon customer and I have been one for almost 10 years now. I successfully ordered the iPhone 4 as well as two iPhone 4 accessories that morning. I received an order confirmation and my package shipped the following day (Feb 4th).

I received my package from Verizon yesterday (Feb 7th) and I was so excited to open it and finally have my iPhone 4. As I was going through the contents inside, I had my two accessories, the instructions on how to activate the iPhone 4 and no iPhone 4.

My husband called Verizon to complain because I was so mad. The Verizon rep said that the iPhone 4 was supposed to be shipped in that box and they have to investigate why it wasn’t put in the box to be shipped. The rep said I would be given a call back in a day or two.

Unhappy with waiting for my phone call from Verizon, I called them back today (Feb 8th). I talked to two people, a rep and a supervisor. I was told by both of them that I have to wait at least 72 hours from Monday (Feb 7th) for the ticket to be closed. I was told it can take more than 72 hours sometimes. They have to do an investigation and determine that the phone was really not shipped to me.

So they gave me two options: to wait for this investigation to conclude and then speak to a rep and get an iPhone 4 shipped to me or pre-order another iPhone 4 tomorrow (Feb 9th) and pay for it out of pocket and they could credit me for the iPhone 4 I already purchased sometime later.

I am very unhappy and I do not understand why I am being punished if VERIZON DIDN’T SHIP ME AN iPHONE 4! Somehow they make it my fault and then want me to pay them more money. I already paid them $199.99 for the 16GB iPhone 4 I ordered. WHERE IS IT?!?!

All I want is an iPhone 4 shipped to me, or able for me to pick up in a store on Thursday without more money coming out of my pocket. I’ve never had a problem with Verizon until Monday. Please help!!!

Sandy’s frustration is understandable. Unfortunately, there are people who would make up this story to try to scam another Jesus Phone, and Verizon needs to make sure that Sandy isn’t one of them. If she wants to take her case to a higher authority, she could try an executive e-mail carpet bomb, or contacting her Verizon regional president. Or sit tight until next week, when the anticipation will make using her shiny phone that much sweeter.

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