Man Behind $4,800 Snow Removal Defends His Pricing

Yesterday, we brought you the story of a 78-year-old Massachusetts man who was charged $4,800 for having the snow cleared from his roof. After the news hit the Internet, one of the men responsible for the pricey work spoke out to defend himself.

“I want people to know, I’m not scamming, I’m making a living,” said one man, who cleared the snow along with his father and younger brother for the agreed-upon rate of $4,800. “It’s called aggressive sale… There’s no law against it.”

The man says they typically charge $2,500 for clearing snow off a roof, but claims that they charged what they did for six hours spent shoveling the roof, garage, bulkhead, three walkways, and two porches, and de-icing the gutters.

“People should know I’m fair with them,” he said. “They know I have a heart and always give them a price up front.”

Salisbury man defends $4,800 roof shoveling charge []

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